Whether it is a leaky drain, water around the toilet or just a malfunctioning of the faucet, a water leak can significantly damage your property, especially if not addressed immediately. Usually, most houses have high-quality copper pipes that tend to last a lifetime, however, they can easily develop leaks and increase your water bills while causing a detrimental damage to your construction. Besides, a leakage from your hot water system tank can be dangerous for the people staying in the house.

The best way to deal with a water problem is to hire a professional plumber and get the water leak repair as soon as possible. If you have been facing such problems, look no more. We can help you understand the importance of choosing us and what should you do by the time we reach your property.

Step 1. Call us immediately at (847) 305-2099

If you see a water fault and are unable to decide where it is originating from, call us straight away to save your home from any damage. Even the smaller drips should never be neglected as they will lead to bigger problems and may need substantial repairing works. We can help you get out of a problem that cannot wait for business hours through our emergency services. All you have to do is just call us at (847) 305-2099 and leave the rest in our hands. Here is why you must choose us for all your water leak repairs.

* Skilled plumbers
Every plumbing repair needs a certain amount of skills to carry the work in a proper way. Even if you try to solve a problem on your own, chances are they will return soon. We have professional plumbers who are trained to complete every task with high accuracy. They are able to figure out the source of problems and have a deep understanding of different ways to provide the exact solution for everything.

* Safe
A leaking hot water tank can cause dangerous burns and you must never try to attempt to repair it yourself. Water around electrical sockets and appliances may also pose a danger of shock and should only be addressed by a professional. Our trained plumbers maintain utmost safety while repairing works to ensure there is no risk.

* Quick service
No need to worry if you keep busy or do not have time to address the leaky pipes and faucets. Just call us to get a faster service than ever. Since our plumbers have years of experience, they find a quick solution and make repair works easy and hassle-free. You don’t need to invest hours of hard work and spoil your day with the water leaks. We provide fast services to save your valuable time.

* Value for money
Hiring a professional plumber may seem an added expense at the first glance but it can actually save you lots and lots of money. Since water leaks may have hidden sources that you may not be able to see and stop, they can cause a great damage to your walls, ceilings and other parts where the leaked water is reaching. Once the damage is done, you will be spending hundreds on replacement and repair works. Therefore, it is always best to hire a professional for any water leaks you observe.

* Reliable
A water leak repair should be performed by a reliable plumber. Doing it yourself or hiring an inexperienced plumber may cost you less but can cause a great damage as other growing issues remains unchecked. We have reliable plumbers who not only repairs every leak with great accuracy but also inspects the home for a problem that may arise in future. You can always trust us for a hassle-free and reliable service.

Step 2. Things to do before the plumber arrives

Rocket Plumbing Arlington Heights 55 S. Vail Avenue #1113 Arlington Heights, IL 60005The first line of action that helps you find a solution to the water leaks is hiring a professional, although you can always reduce the damage by taking some steps to stop the water, while the plumber arrives.

* Turn off the water source
The best way to stop the leaking water from damaging your home is to shut off the water that is causing leaks. Find the source or origin of the water and turn it off. In a state of confusion, find out the main shut off valve of your house. For most water valves, you will need to turn it in a clockwise direction. Don’t forget to turn off your water heater as it may get overheated when there is no supply of water to it. [Click here] to read about how to shut-off the water.

* Check electricity
Once you are able to stop the water, you will need to shut off the electricity of the flooded area to prevent a shock. Since water conducts electricity, you may unknowingly get a shock as it flows through electric sockets and open wires. If you are in doubt, stand clear of the area and do not touch any appliance or electrical unit in that area. It is best to wait for your plumber to do it safely.

* Open the drains
There can be a considerable amount of water left in your pipes even after the main valve is shut off. The best way to stop the leakage and prevent the damage is allowing the water to pass out of your house. Turn on the spigots to let the water flow out and reduce the intensity of leaks. If your drain is blocked, use a plunger to clear it up. Avoid using cleaners as it may worsen the condition creating more damage.

* Clean away the water
If there is a huge accumulation of water in an area, you may try to clean it so that the plumber may work over it. Put a bucket under the leak to collect the water and drain it occasionally. Use old clothes and rags to soak water around toilets to prevent damage due to accumulated water. If water is entering other parts of your home, make sure you move always important documents and clothes that may get damaged by the water.

So, now you know how to deal with the water leaks. Get all your plumbing handled by a professional to save both time and money. Don’t wait, just call us at the first sight of a water leak and have a complete peace of mind with our fast, affordable and trustworthy water leak repair services.