The importance of a toilet in a house will never be underrated. If you think that you can ignore this vital room, wait until it develops a problem. Regardless of the magnitude of the problem, your life can come to a standstill. There will be chaos and confusion everywhere. This is why it is always emphasized that once you discover a problem in your toilet, regardless of its magnitude, seek for repair services as soon as possible. Postponing repairs make the problem to escalate to dangerous levels.

Rocket Plumbing Arlington Heights 55 S. Vail Avenue #1113 Arlington Heights, IL 60005You don’t have to panic once you discover that your toilet is having some issues. All you need to do is to call a professional plumber who can repair it and bring the situation back to normal. At Rocket Plumbing Arlington, we aim to rescue you when you need us most. Our premier toilet repair services will bring back the smile on your face. We have a broad range of toilet repair services that are tailored to cater for your needs. Whether you need to install a new toilet or to fix the existing one, we will be there for you. Our high-quality toilet repair services have won us a good reputation among the residents of Arlington and its environs.

Protect the Quality of Air

You should be concerned with the quality of air that you breathe. Breathing polluted air can lead to various health problems. If you breathe a bad odor in your home, then there is a likelihood of a damaged toilet emitting pungent or nasty-smelling gas. If the proper precaution is not taken on time, the smell can spread from the bathroom to other rooms in your home. This can end up causing you more embarrassment, especially if you are expecting to host some visitors. If you, therefore, breathe a bad smell in your home, do not ignore it as it could be a sign of damaged toilet. Our toilet repair service can get rid of the bad smell and improve the quality of air in your bathroom and the entire home.

Emergency Toilet Repair

You never know when your toilet will develop problems. In most cases, these issues occur when you least expect them such as during late hours. The damage that occurs during such odd hours can render you helpless and bring about confusion. Fortunately, you don’t have to worry as we offer 24-hour emergency toilet repair services. This means that our technicians can come to your home and solve the problem at any time of the day. In case you have a toilet problem, there is no need to wait till daytime or for the ‘appropriate time’ as we will be there for you even during the odd hours. Sometimes, the longer you wait, the bigger the problem escalates.

Toilet Replacement Services

Several reasons may force you to consider replacing your toilet. If it has been damaged beyond repair, then replacing it would be the only wise thing to do. Our technicians can assess your damaged toilet and recommend the most appropriate course of action to take.

Another reason that makes most people consider a replacement is when they need to do a major facelift of their home. Probably you would want to replace the old toilet with a new one that is more attractive. We can help you to do the replacement as fast as possible. Our toilet repair technicians go a step further to recommend to you some of the best toilets that you that fits your specific needs.

The other factor that can make you ponder replacing your toilet is efficiency. Some types of toilets, especially those that were manufactured some years back require a higher level of maintenance. They are also a stumbling block to water conservation efforts. The latest models require less amount of water to run and still deliver a good job.

New Toilet Installation Services

If you are constructing your house in Arlington, we can be your reliable partners, especially in the matters relating to toilet installation. We also install new toilets in the bathrooms. Our technicians will ensure that the new toilet is perfectly connected to the rest of the plumbing system without causing any interference. If you are wondering about the toilet to install, we can still help you to choose the best models that will work efficiently. When it comes to the visual aspect, we can assist you to install a new toilet that will match with the interior design of your new house.

Running Toilet Repair

A running toilet wastes lots of water and will force you to pay more on your water bill. If you realize that the toilet is not as quiet as usual, know that there is a bigger problem that requires an immediate solution. We have the tools and the techniques to stop the water from running into the bowl continuously. This repair service helps to reduce waste of water and also improves the efficiency of the toilet system.

Toilet Leak Repair Service

Another common problem that can affect your toilet is a leakage. With this issue, you are likely to hear the sound of running water in your toilet. Toilet leaks always affect the tank and reduce the amount of water in it. At Rocket Plumbing, we can repair all the toilet leaks and prevent the unnecessary water wastage. Note that toilet leaks have a direct impact on the performance of your toilet. Once you detect a leak, contact us immediately and turn off the water supply to the toilet as you wait for us.

Reliable Toilet Repair Service

Toilet repair calls for high levels of expertise. It is not one of the DIYs as some people assume. Fixing a toilet on your own is a recipe for disaster. You can end up making the problem worse than before, thereby increasing the overall cost of repairing it. The repair also requires the use of special tools which you may not have. For these reasons and many others, it will be prudent that you hire us for the best toilet repair services.

Our technicians are well trained and have the experience to handle any damage regardless of its magnitude. We are also licensed by all the relevant bodies and we conduct our services in a very professional way. If you are in need of toilet repair services, do not hesitate to contact us through (847) 305-2099. We will respond to all your queries, and give you a free quote upon request.