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Happy Memorial Day in Arlington Heights this 2018

Happy Memorial day!  Please everyone be safe, and look out for each other celebrating our great country.

The 99th Annual Memorial Day in Arlington Heights takes place on Monday, May 28.

Parade steps off at 9:30 am

Ceremony at Memorial Park at 11:00 am (Chestnut St. & Fremont St.)


Moen’s pulldown kitchen faucet with MotionSense Wave™ technology

If you are looking at your dripping broken faucet, or think you hear a water leak around the kitchen sink, and thinking it’s time to upgrade, let’s save you some shopping time.

Moen’s Essie™ pulldown kitchen faucet with MotionSense Wave™ technology was recently included in an impressive list of best top new home products for 2017 put together by the folks at This Old House.


Besides looking quite stylish, this faucet is equipped with The Wave Sensor, on the left side of the base of the faucet, which turns water on or off with the mere wave of a hand by it. Pretty handy when your cutting and chopping veggies and making salads.

To add on to the ergonomic goodness of this faucet, the handle on the opposite side of the faucet is where you can use manual operation, inlcuding adjusting the flow and temperature.

The innovation is offered on several kitchen faucet collections, including Essie pulldown kitchen faucets.

“At Moen, everything we do is driven by consumer insights. When designing MotionSense Wave technology, we considered the way hands move around the kitchen sink to determine the ideal placement for the touchless sensor, making it simple and intuitive for users to turn the faucet on and off with the wave of a hand,” said Maribeth Kwasniewski, director of retail marketing, Moen. “Whether we’re cooking, crafting with the kids, or doing yardwork, our hands are always the first thing to get dirty, but with new MotionSense Wave technology, homeowners have the perfect helper to tackle life’s little (or big!) messes with ease.”

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Faucet Repairs

A faucet repair should be pretty straight forward. However, you would be very surprised to know how many exceptions there are. Many Faucet Repairs can turn into an outright Plumbing Emergency if one is not careful.  Why? The most unexpected circumstance the Do It Yourselfer encounters, is that a leaky or mal-functioning faucet can also turn into a potential problem with other related systems that make the whole thing work in perfect efficiency, like a 96′ Chicago Bulls Triangle offense.

Let us put our overall big picture view of these interdependent water systems, the major players in your daily access to clean and predictable water usage. Your professional plumber can handle your faucet repair problem for you. Don’t you want to move forward with your day, get more shots on those hoops than being slowed down here? We are here to get it done for you.

Best Plumber Should Have The Best Plumber’s Coupon

The best plumber in Arlington Heights should have the best Plumbing Service coupon, don’t you think?

Most plumber services will make you print out the coupon. If your like most people, do you really want to hassle with your printer?
Link to the Best Plumber Coupon in this video

Review our recent Google Post on the Best Plumber Coupon

Our plumber coupon applies to all repairs that go over $200.00

We hope to get our coupon in the hand of every Arlington Heights home and business.

We also take pride on our Hydro Jet tools.  Our latest tool to use when cleaning clogged drains and pipes are high performance nozzles, that give us flexibility for all the circumstances we encounter out in the field.

For instance, General Pipe Cleaners’ high-performance nozzles increase water jet performance using patented fluid mechanics to significantly increase thrust, pulling power and cleaning power without needing to increase water flow or pressure. The nozzles are custom-machined to redirect the water through highly efficient inner surface channels directed toward each orifice. The nozzles have replaceable threaded inserts at each orifice, so when the nozzle wears, you only have to replace the inserts, not the whole nozzle.

The penetrating Chisel Point nozzle with four forward jets and six back jets breaks up debris and hard grease deposits and melts ice clogs. The muscular Traction nozzle pulverizes sand and mud blockages with one forward jet and six back jets. And the powerful Cleaning nozzle has the thrust to pull the hose long distances with all eight jets to the rear.

Hydrojetting Service in Arlington Heights

Hydro Jet Service Arlington Heights

This is the Mongoose 123 Hydro Jet. We consider it maybe the highest quality Hydro Jet tool out there.

We just published our latest video about the benefits of Hydro Jetting.

If you are particularly hard on your pipes, maybe you cook a lot so you have a great deal of grease going down your drains for example, then it’s likely the flow of water thru your pipes is hindered.  Imagine all the build up on the inner lining of your pipes after years of flushing and cooking?  Let’s say the pipe is 2″ in diameter, and from prolonged use, the channel with which the water would flow thru is constricted to only a 1/2 inch, and that is happening for the majority of the length of your outbound pipe?  It can lead to blockage, overflowing toilets and sinks, and even worse, a busted pipe.



Watch this video to see how a Hydro Jet is the best solution to this common problem.

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