We at Rocket Plumbing Arlington Heights love having our service trucks pulling out of our 55 S. Vail Avenue #1113 location on their way to their next plumbing emergency. And to know their way around, we can’t only depend on a Google Maps app, a knowledge of the area is a must. Below are some 60006 factoids you may not know about.

Arlington Heights lies mostly in the western part of Wheeling Township, with territory in adjacent Elk Grove and Palatine townships, in an area originally notable for the absence of groves and trees. The General Land Office began selling land here in 1835. In 1853, William Dunton, originally from Oswego, New York, persuaded the Illinois & Wisconsin Railroad to make a stop here, and laid out a town called Dunton. Dunton Avenue, named after William Dunton, is the village’s base line that splits addresses east and west, with Campbell Street splitting north and south.

Source: Wikipedia

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