Hydrojetting Service in Arlington Heights

Hydro Jet Service Arlington Heights

This is the Mongoose 123 Hydro Jet. We consider it maybe the highest quality Hydro Jet tool out there.

We just published our latest video about the benefits of Hydro Jetting.

If you are particularly hard on your pipes, maybe you cook a lot so you have a great deal of grease going down your drains for example, then it’s likely the flow of water thru your pipes is hindered.  Imagine all the build up on the inner lining of your pipes after years of flushing and cooking?  Let’s say the pipe is 2″ in diameter, and from prolonged use, the channel with which the water would flow thru is constricted to only a 1/2 inch, and that is happening for the majority of the length of your outbound pipe?  It can lead to blockage, overflowing toilets and sinks, and even worse, a busted pipe.



Watch this video to see how a Hydro Jet is the best solution to this common problem.

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