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Good proper plumbing is essential in today’s modern setting, making it critical to have a plumber you can rely on in case of any emergencies, right next to you here in Arlington Heights. We, the Rocket plumbing service in Arlington, value ourselves in providing fast, efficient, and convenient services that is just a phone call away, and we want to keep it that way. So many things can go wrong with your plumbing systems in your homes, at the very worst imaginable time.

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We Offer These And Many Other Plumbing Services...

  • Commercial Plumbing Contractor
  • Garbage Disposal Stuck, Repair and Installation
  • Hot Water Heater Repair, Installation, Leaking
  • Drain and Sewer Cleaning
  • Plumbing Repairs
  • Plumbing Inspection
  • Hydro Jetting Rooter & Auger Service
  • Gas and Electric Water Heaters

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It’s unavoidable.  

Eventually, we end up needing a plumbing service, and who do we call? Someone who is qualified and delivers a perfectly good job, no home owner wants to put his house at jeopardy with unqualified service. And that is exactly what we are here to make sure doesn’t happen, you get skilled, high qualified plumbers. Let us take a quick brief at some of the common plumbing problems we are likely to encounter in our homes

1. Dripping faucets 

This dripping faucets in our homes are a pain in the neck, it increases our water bills significantly. You end up spending a lot of money for water that you never used, at Rocket Plumbing we can quickly help you solve this problem.

2. Leaky pipes

Pipes generally have a weak point at the joints that may leak, watch out for water spots in the ceiling and ground. leaking pipes could cause you a tremendous amount of money in repairing your house from water damages. Our skilled plumbers can asses your house for any water damages and pipe leaks today, giving you a piece of mind.

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3. Running toilets 

This running toilets waste up-to 200 gallons of water a day and cost us a lot of money in water bill payments. Water is such a scarce commodity, and we at Rocket Plumbing don’t want to see both it, and your hard earned money go to waste.

4. Low water pressure 

There are a lot of reasons why you may have low water pressure, it might be due to a hidden leak somewhere in your house and you need a plumber immediately to check this out. Hidden leaks can lead to massive property damage and we don’t want to let that happen to you.

5. Slow or clogged drains

It is not advisable to use any over the counter cleaners for slow or clogged drainage. One of our qualified plumbers will come right over to take a look at it.

6. Sump pump failure 

Due to prolonged periods of heavy rains, your sump pump may fail. Take adequate good care of your belongings and property today by giving The Rocket Plumbing Service a call to come fix your problem as quickly as possible.

7. Leaking hose 

This is a very common occurrence during summer and spring. They crack and leak if not well protected. we recommend buying a frost proof hose bibb to prevent future leakages, and exchanging it with the old hose bibb. At Rocket Plumbing we can easily provide this service for you at a good price.

8. Water heater 

Waking up early in the morning to the feel of cold water is not such a good experience. An average water heater is designed to last between eight to twelve years if properly maintained. Let us help you get the best results out of your water heater without everyday problems today.

When you experience all this problems from time to time then you may have a much bigger problem. It is quite probable that you may need repiping. Repiping is done when your pipes are defective, made of different materials or simply old and completely worn out. All the pipes in your home are replaced by a new copper repipe system. Included in this process is the installation of new stainless steel water supply lines, 14 turn ball type water stops and the new USA type ‘L’ hard copper, properly strapped and secured. After installation of the new piping system, it is pressure tested and then flushed out. This process takes one to three days and some wall patching is required thereafter. A professional site inspection by us is critical in ensuring a successful repiping process. Standard repiping process that we offer include installation of an all new hot and cold domestic water piping, from the source of water to all faucets and fixtures. Copper is the proven choice for repiping, however it should be hard USA manufactured copper. Do not use soft copper, in hot soil protect the copper with plastic sleeving.

Furthermore it is not advisable to bury copper under concrete slabs but rather in sand or clean soil away from boulders and rocks. Up to this point you probably think repiping is an easy job however repiping is not as simple as it sounds and you should not, without a doubt, try to fix it yourself. Call us, Rocket Plumbing, today to asses the damage and help you reclaim you home at an affordable price with state of the art services.

We are without a doubt the best plumbing service available that can deal with this and many other plumbing issues that you may encounter.

Here at Rocket Plumbers, Arlington Heights, we have a team of well trained, quality plumbers whose only job is to cater for home plumbing problems as they arise. Cheaper, unqualified plumbers could definitely end up potentially causing more destructive harm than good to your precious property. I sincerely hope that by now, you know how important plumbing is and how serious we take your plumbing issues to be.

Rocket Plumbing is now in Arlington Heights after celebrating our 5 years anniversary serving Greater Chicago, providing the best services available in the market. You can therefore trust us with all your plumbing needs, considering our many years of experience in the plumbing field.

We are grateful for the five years we have been Chicago’s best plumbing service choice and most definitely look forward to five more years. We are part of Arlington Heights and we could not be prouder of both taking care of its plumbing issues but also calling it home. Visit Rocket Plumbing today for any questions and queries that you may have.